Fast Charging Cable LDNIO LS821 Micro, 30W

Fast Charging Cable LDNIO LS821 Micro, 30W

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LDNIO LS821 Micro fast charging cable, 30W

If you need a fast-charging cable for both home use and travel, the LDNIO LS821 cable will work perfectly. In addition, it will be very durable due to the material it is made of.


Fast-charging cable

The intensity of the LDNIO LS821 cable is a maximum of 30 watts. This makes it suitable for fast charging. With it, your equipment will have a full battery in no time. Furthermore, your comfort will be ensured by the long cable. It will fit most devices, as its tip is micro USB.


Guarantee of excellent quality

The LDNIO LS821 USB cable is made of high-quality materials, so it will serve you for a long time. TPE has been used in its production, which is also environmentally friendly. The 1 m long cable will ensure comfortable use, as it will allow you to position the equipment to be charged in a convenient place for you.


Producer LDNIO
Model LS821
Plug Micro
Material TPE
Length 1 m
Colour White