Baseus 0.3mm-es edzett üveg iPad mini 8.3 hüvelykes készülékhez

Baseus 0.3mm-es edzett üveg iPad mini 8.3 hüvelykes készülékhez

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Baseus Tempered Glass 0.3mm for iPad mini 8.3”

Get the right protection for your iPad. Baseus tempered glass consists of several layers, protecting the screen of your device from cracking as a result of a fall. In addition, the product does not affect the color and quality of the displayed image, it also offers a fast response to touch. Moreover, it allows you to unlock the screen using face detection.

Dedicated iPad mini 8.3”

The glass is designed specifically for the iPad mini 8.3”. This ensures that it fits perfectly on the screen and covers it completely, for maximum protection. In addition, a narrow space is left on the edges for the device case.

Effective protection

Don’t be afraid of damaging your tablet screen. Baseus tempered glass is made of a few layers, for even greater protection. Thanks to this, the display will not be damaged, even if the tablet accidentally slips out of your hand.

Does not affect image quality and tablet operation

Baseus tempered glass is characterized by high transparency, so it leaves the image quality unchanged. In addition, it does not interfere with tablet operation, offering fast touch response and precision.

Face detection screen unlock

This is not the end of the advantages of the Baseus product. Glass was designed in such a way that it does not cover the camera. So you can easily use the ability to unlock your screen with face detection.

Brand Baseus
Model SGBL021402
Thickness 0.3 mm
Compatibility iPad mini 8.3 ”