USB-kábel a Lightning Baseus Cafule-hez, 2,4A, 2m (ibolya)

USB-kábel a Lightning Baseus Cafule-hez, 2,4A, 2m (ibolya)

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USB – Lightning 2.4 A cable from Baseus CALJK-B05 PURPLE COLOR

The cable is compatible with Apple devices that have a Lightning connector designed to quickly charge the iPhone battery. It was made of high quality materials that protect against damage. Examples of this are the nylon braid that won’t deform or break, and the battery that resists damage and overheating. Additionally, a rubber protection protects against scratching and mechanical damage.

Express battery charging

Cables with a maximum charging current of 2.4 A. It happens quickly and without interruption. You can charge your iPhone battery and save time.


Heavy Duty Cable

The cable is made of high-quality products. These are materials such as metal plug ends, a nylon braid to protect against damage and a copper core to increase data transfer rates.


Simultaneous data transfer and loading

With this cable, you won’t have to choose between charging your phone or transferring files. The cable of this model will allow you to do both at the same time. This is possible thanks to USB 2.0, the transfer speed of which is up to 480 Mbps.


Brand Baseus
Model CALJK-B05
Material Zinc alloy + nylon braid + metal ends
Baud rate 480 Mbps
Length 2 m
Current 2.4A
Color Violet