Fast Charging Cable LDNIO LS682 Lightning, 30W

Fast Charging Cable LDNIO LS682 Lightning, 30W

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LDNIO LS682 Lightning fast charging cable, 30W

The LDNIO LS682 cable has been created with comfort in mind, so it is designed for fast charging. It has been manufactured from durable materials, which means that it will be very strong and resistant to wear and tear. In addition, it will also reflect your unique character, thanks to its elegant design.


Phone fast charging cable

With the LDNIO LS681 cable, you can easily charge your Apple-branded equipment, as it is equipped with a Lightning connector. It has been designed for fast charging up to max. 30 W. Its cable measures 2 m in length and is also made of high-quality material, making it even more comfortable to use.


Quality and convenience

The LDNIO LS681 USB cable will provide you with fast charging up to max. 30 W. In addition, it will guarantee excellent quality and durability, as it has been created from high-quality PVC material. You will find it in the colour gold.


Producer LDNIO
Model LS682
Plug Lightning
Material PVC
Length 2 m
Colour Gold