Fast Charging Cable LDNIO LS832 Type-C, 30W

Fast Charging Cable LDNIO LS832 Type-C, 30W

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LDNIO LS832 type C fast charging cable, 30W

Your devices will get power back in no time with the LDNIO LS832 cable. Thanks to the USB micro end, it will be compatible with many popular mobile devices. It will be perfect for home use as well as when travelling.


Instant charging

The LDNIO LS832 cable will enable you to charge your phone quickly, as it has been designed for fast charging with a maximum power of up to 30 watts. However, with its help, tablets will also regain a full battery in no time. It will fit most popular mobile devices, as it is equipped with a USB Type C tip.


Excellent quality and comfort

The long 2 m cable of the LDNIO cable will allow you to use it even more comfortably. It is also characterised by its high durability, as it is made of high-quality TPE material. In addition, it is also environmentally friendly.


Producer LDNIO
Model LS832
Plug USB-C
Material TPE
Length 2 m
Colour Green