Tempered Glass Baseus Crystal 0.3 mm for HUAWEI MatePad /MatePad Pro 10.8″

Tempered Glass Baseus Crystal 0.3 mm for HUAWEI MatePad /MatePad Pro 10.8″

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Baseus Crystal 0.3 mm tempered glass for HUAWEI MatePad / MatePad Pro 10.8″

Protect your eyes from harmful blue light and opt for the Baseus brand tempered glass with blocking filter. Designed specifically for the Huawei MatePad Pro 10.8″, it provides optimal screen protection from everyday hazards. It is highly transparent and does not affect the quality of the displayed image and touchscreen operation. The glass has gained an additional oleophobic coating that reduces unsightly fingerprints, so your screen will stay clean for longer.


For the sake of your comfort

The Baseus brand glass is distinguished by its unique design so that it gives the impression of being absent while providing highly effective protection. The perfect fit means that the glass also protects the delicate edges of your device and does not interfere with its use together with the case. The blue light filter will allow you to use your device comfortably, protecting your eyesight from fatigue caused by it.


Manufacturer Baseus
Model SGJC120202
Compatibility Huawei MatePad / MatePad Pro 10.8″
Thickness 0.3 mm
Color Transparent
Machining CNC
Material Glass