LDNIO Desk Phone Stand (Telescopic), MG05, Black

LDNIO Desk Phone Stand (Telescopic), MG05, Black

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Stand with holder for phones and tablets LDNIO MG05

Ensure your comfort while using your phone or tablet. The LDNIO MG05 Stand with Holder allows you to adjust it by 90°, so you can adjust the position of your device to suit your needs. The foldable design of the product will allow you to easily store it and take it with you anywhere. The mount is widely compatible with various models of phones and tablets. It is made of ABS and aluminum alloy.


For your convenience

Do you often watch videos on your phone? Or do you read articles while using a tablet? If so, the LDNIO holder stand will be the perfect gadget for you. You can conveniently adjust the angle of the holder by 90°, achieving the comfort you dream of while using your device.


Refined design

Thanks to silicone parts, the stand stably holds in place – you don’t have to worry about the safety of your devices. It’s made of sturdy materials, such as fire-resistant ABS and aluminum alloy. It is extremely lightweight, and the foldable design allows for convenient transportation. What’s more, the mount is very versatile and will work perfectly for devices of different sizes.


Manufacturer LDNIO
Model MG05
Compatibility Phones and tablets
Material ABS + aluminum
Dimensions 110 x 195 mm