Etui ochronne Sunnylife do DJI Mic (B557)

Etui ochronne Sunnylife do DJI Mic (B557)

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Sunnylife protective case for DJI Mic (B557)

The Sunnylife case will provide the maximum level of protection when transporting the DJI Mic. It effectively protects your equipment from scratches and damage. The case is equipped with a heavy-duty zip, and specially designed compartments will allow you to conveniently store not only the mic, but also necessary accessories such as cables or transmitters. The lightweight and compact design means that it won’t take up much space in your rucksack or bag.



Manufacturer Sunnylife
Model B557
Colour Grey
Material Fabric
Weight 79 g
Dimensions 127 x 85 x 57 mm
Purpose DJI Mic