Cable USB LDNIO LS581 lightning, 2.4 A, length: 1m

Cable USB LDNIO LS581 lightning, 2.4 A, length: 1m

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LDNIO LS581 USB-A to Lightning cable (1m)

Conveniently use your devices while charging. The Lightning connector of the LDNIO LS581 cable is curved at a 90° angle, so it won’t protrude or interfere with the use of your iPhone or iPad. The product provides up to 2.4 A of power and allows you to transfer files quickly. It is also very durable and resistant to damage.


Convenient use

Now you can conveniently use your iPhone or iPad connected to charging. The LS581 cable features a 90° curved connector that won’t stick out and gives you a comfortable grip. Watch movies or play your favorite games without interruption – no more worrying about your device suddenly discharging!


Resistant to damage

Durable and environmentally friendly materials, such as zinc alloy, PP and PVC, for example, were used to make the cable. This makes the product very durable and resistant to damage, bending or wear. It will also not get excessively tangled. The LS581 will serve you well for a long time!


Amazing performance

No more endless waiting until your devices are ready to work again. The LS581 cable provides a charging current of up to 2.4 A. This will renew your iPhone’s energy in no time! What’s more, the product allows you to charge your devices and transfer files at the same time.


Model LS581
Color Black
Type USB-A to Lightning
Connector USB 3.0
Charging intensity 2.4 A
Cable length 1 m