Case ESR Krystec Clear for iPhone 14 Plus (clear)

Case ESR Krystec Clear for iPhone 14 Plus (clear)

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ESR Krystec Clear case for iPhone 14 Plus (clear)

Looking for reliable protection for your iPhone? ESR’s sleeve will be perfect for you! It is made of high-quality materials, so it stands out for its excellent durability and guarantees the safety of your phone. What’s more, you can easily use it with wireless charging.


Thoughtful design

ESR’s sleeve is the perfect protection for your iPhone, as it features convex edges near the screen, a camera cover, as well as reinforced corners. This makes sure that no fall is terrible for it! In addition, it is also scratch-resistant. What’s more, it’s made of the best quality materials, which ensures clarity for a long time. In addition, its well-thought-out design allows for comfortable holding and shock resistance.


Producer ESR
Model Krystec Clear
Color Transparent
Compatibility iPhone 14 Plus