Tempered glass ESR for iPhone 14 Plus/13 Pro Max 1 pcs. (clear)

Tempered glass ESR for iPhone 14 Plus/13 Pro Max 1 pcs. (clear)

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ESR tempered glass for iPhone 14 Plus/13 Pro Max

Do you have an iPhone 14 Plus/13 Pro Max series? Protect its screen from drops and scratches with ESR! The tempered glass is made of premium materials, distinguished by a high degree of hardness. As a result, it provides protection even against falls from great heights. What’s more, the glass is highly transparent and provides natural precision touchscreen operation. Installation of the glass will not cause you any difficulty.


Robust protection

The high degree of hardness provides excellent protection against any falls – even those from great heights. This allows you to use your device freely and avoid unnecessary expenses when you accidentally drop your phone. What’s more, you don’t have to worry about the screen getting scratched when you put your smartphone in your pocket along with your keys and other gadgets.


Perfect screen handling

Are you worried that the extra protection on your screen will delay the device’s response to touch? Nothing could be further from the truth! The glass, despite its high degree of hardness, gives the impression of being absent, so you will still enjoy full control and comfortable use of your device.


HD picture quality

Glass designed specifically for iPhone 14 Plus/13 Pro Max series is distinguished by its extreme transparency, which means that it does not affect the operation of Face ID or the quality of the image displayed on the screen. Protect your phone’s screen and enjoy HD quality!


Manufacturer ESR
Compatibility iPhone 14 Plus/13 Pro Max
Material Glass