Car charger 2x USB, Remax RCC325, 45W

Car charger 2x USB, Remax RCC325, 45W

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2x USB car charger, REMAX RCC325, 45W

Do you often travel by car? Do you want your equipment to always be ready for use? The REMAX car charger will be perfect for you! It will provide fast and safe charging of your devices. Now you get the assurance that your devices will always be ready for use!


Fast and safe charging

REMAX RCC325 car charger,equipped with 2 USB 45W ports, is the ideal solution for those who need fast and safe charging of mobile devices in the car. What’s more, it features a more stable design and a special chip that adjusts the charging current to your device. So you can be sure that your equipment will be charged safely and without risk of damage.



The REMAX RCC219 car charger is a compact and versatile solution for different types of vehicles. Its small size makes it fit perfectly into the interior space of your car, regardless of its type. The REMAX RCC219 is compatible with cars, SUVs and trucks, thanks to its universal 12V-24V DC input.


Thoughtful design

Made of the highest quality materials, this charger is not only durable, but also resistant to a variety of use conditions. When you choose the REMAX RCC219, you are investing in a reliable and efficient solution for fast charging of your devices in any vehicle.


Producer Remax
Model RCC325
Input 12V~24V
Output 5V-3A/9V-2,5A/12V-1,5A
Material Aluminum
Weight 23 g