Acefast A49 wall charger, 2x USB-C, 35W PD (black)

Acefast A49 wall charger, 2x USB-C, 35W PD (black)

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Acefast A49 network charger, 2x USB-C, 35 W PD (black)

The Acefast A49 charger is an ideal piece of equipment for those who value time and space. It provides fast and safe charging for devices and is made of flame-retardant PC material, making it safe to use. Its light weight and compact size allows it to be easily carried along with mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.


Fast and efficient charging

One of its greatest assets is its high charging performance. It has 2 USB-C ports with a combined power of 35 watts. As a result, devices charged with the A49 will power up much faster than with standard chargers. In addition, the charger supports various fast charging protocols, including PD/PPS/QC/AFC/FCP, which means it is compatible with most mobile devices from popular manufacturers.


Saves space

The ability to connect two devices simultaneously is also an important feature of this charger. The charger offers two USB-C1 and C2 outputs, allowing you to quickly charge two devices at the same time. The total charging power is 17.5W+17.5W or 27.5W+7.5W depending on the connected devices – the A49 recognizes them and automatically adjusts the power supply to them.



Manufacturer Acefast
Model A49
Output power USB-C1 / C2: 35 W (PD/PPS/QC/AFC/FCP); C1+C2 = 17.5 W+17.5 W or 27.5 W+7.5 W.
Material Flame retardant PC
Color Black
Dimensions 88.2 × 28 x 49 mm
Weight 71 g