Wall charger Remax, RP-U35, 2x USB, 2.1A (white) + USB-C cable

Wall charger Remax, RP-U35, 2x USB, 2.1A (white) + USB-C cable

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Remax network charger, RP-U35, 2x USB, 2.1A (white) + USB-C cable

Charge 2 devices simultaneously and don’t waste any more time waiting! Remax’s Jane series charger offers 2 USB ports with 2.1A. It’s made of fire-resistant PC, and extra protection is provided to protect your devices not only from overheating, but also from short-circuiting, short-circuiting, or overcharging. You’ll find a USB-C cable included, with the help of which you’ll be able to replenish power to a wide range of devices.


Fast charging

There are 2 USB fast charging ports at your disposal. This makes the charger stand out for its wide compatibility and allows you to reduce charging time and save space in the power outlet. The 1-meter long USB-C cable will allow you to conveniently replenish the energy in your devices.



  • AC charger
  • USB-C cable
Manufacturer Remax
Model RP-U35
Charging ports 2 x USB
Rated current 2.1A
Cable length 1 m
Color White