Wall charger LDNIO A2522C USB, USB-C 30W + MicroUSB cable

Wall charger LDNIO A2522C USB, USB-C 30W + MicroUSB cable

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LDNIO A2522C USB, USB-C 30W mains charger + MicroUSB cable

Charge your devices in even less time. The LDNIO A2522C charger supports multiple fast charging standards and features wide compatibility. It provides a total power output of up to 30W and is equipped with 2 ports – USB-C and USB-A. Its additional advantage is the built-in LED display. The device is also extremely lightweight and compact. You will also find a micro USB cable included.


Fast charging

Enjoy the benefits of fast charging. The A2522C supports standards such as PD, QC3.0, SCP, FCP, VOOC, PE or PPS, for example. What’s more, the total power offered by it reaches 30W. All this means that you can use it to renew the energy of your devices in no time. The charger also allows you to quickly charge 2 devices at the same time (PD + QC3.0).



The A2522C charger not only enables fast, but also safe charging. It is equipped with multi-level protection against overcurrent, overvoltage, overcharging, overheating and short circuit, among others. In addition, its housing is made of flame-retardant PC plastic. As a result, you do not need to worry about damaging the charger or the devices connected to it!


The perfect travel accessory

Going on holiday? Or are you planning a trip of several days or going to your dormitory? Don’t sacrifice the ability to quickly charge your devices! The A2522C is very light and handy – it won’t take up much space in your bag or backpack. So you can take it anywhere with you! What’s more, the product is compatible with 100-240V, allowing you to use it even abroad without any problems.


Built-in LED display

Keep everything under control. The charger has a small built-in LED display that allows you to check the current voltage or amperage at any time. Multiply these 2 numbers and you get the current power value! This makes it easy for you to know the status of your charging and gives you the confidence that everything is working as it should.


In the box

  • Charger
  • Micro USB cable

Model A2522C
Colour White
Available ports 1x USB-A, 1x USB-C
Input 100-240 V, 0.7 A, 50-60 Hz
PD output 5 V / 3 A, 9 V / 3 A, 12 V / 2.5 A, 15 V / 2 A, 20 V / 1.5 A (30 W)
PPS output 3.3-12 V / 2.5 A, 3.3-20 V / 1.5 A
QC output 4.5 V / 5 A, 5 V / 4.5 A, 9 V / 3 A, 12 V / 2.5 A (30 W)
Total power 30 W max.