Wall charger LDNIO A1204Q 18W + Micro USB cable

Wall charger LDNIO A1204Q 18W + Micro USB cable

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LDNIO A1204Q 18W mains charger + Micro USB cable

Extend the life of your phone’s battery by reducing its charging time. The mains charger from LDNIO supports the QC 3.0 protocol and provides a power supply of as much as 18W, so it will ensure the safety of your charged devices and your full comfort. You no longer have to wait indefinitely for your phone’s battery to reach 100% charge.


Robust design

Chargers from LDNIO are distinguished by high-quality materials, and the use of advanced technologies provides multi-level protection for connected devices. You don’t have to worry about fluctuating current, as the active protections in the charger will take care of a stable supply of energy and protect your phone from overheating and other damage.


Lightweight and compatible

The A1204Q network charger is distinguished by its wide compatibility and supports popular iOS and Android devices, so with its help you can successfully replenish your laptop, phone or tablet. What’s more, it is extremely handy, so you can easily take it wherever you need it. The included Micro-USB cable will make it easy to charge your devices.



  • Power charger
  • Micro-USB cable
Manufacturer LDNIO
Model A1204Q Micro
Fast charging protocols QC 3.0
Total power 18 W
Input power 100 – 240 V ; 50 – 60 Hz
Output power 5 V/ 3 A; 9 V/ 2 A; 12 V/ 1.5 A