Wall Charger Foneng EU13 + USB to Micro USB Cable, 3A (White)

Wall Charger Foneng EU13 + USB to Micro USB Cable, 3A (White)

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Foneng EU13 mains charger + USB to Micro USB cable, 3A (white)

Foneng EU13 mains charger allows you to quickly renew the energy of your devices, and thanks to its safety features and thoughtful design, its use is safe. In addition, it is distinguished by its wide compatibility – with its help you will charge your smartphone, tablet, etc. The kit also includes a USB to Micro USB cable.


Fast and safe charging

Foneng EU13 supports the QC3.0 fast charging protocol, allowing you to renew the energy of your devices in no time. What’s more, it was created with ABS plastic and fire-resistant PC. In addition, the carefully considered design allows you to safely use the charger without worrying about damaging your equipment.



  • mains charger
  • USB/Micro USB cable
Manufacturer Foneng
Model EU13
Color white
Intensity 3A
Input voltage AC100-240V 50/60Hz 0.3A
Output voltage 5V-3A 9V-2A 12V-1.5A
Material ABS + PC V0