Phone case Baseus Crystal Clear for 13 Pro (transparent)

Phone case Baseus Crystal Clear for 13 Pro (transparent)


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Baseus Crystal Clear protective case for iPhone 13 Pro

Keep your iPhone safe and secure with a protective case from Baseus. It features a lightweight, thin design and effectively protects your phone from drops and shocks. The case is transparent, which makes it almost invisible and does not obscure the iPhone’s elegant design. You’ll also find a tempered glass and cleaning kit included.


Exceptional protection

Although the case is extremely thin (1.3mm), it provides solid, comprehensive protection. Tests confirm that it protects against falls from more than 1 meter in height! Improved protection for the camera lens, cutouts for function buttons – this makes using the phone with the case very comfortable. What’s more, it has additional protection for the speakers, so they will not accumulate dust and other debris. The case is easy to put on and take off. Use your phone the way you like and don’t worry that a fall will harm it!


Magnetic charging

The case doesn’t interfere with the charging process with the MagSafe function, so you don’t have to take it off when you want to refill your phone or use the magnetic car mount! The case is designed specifically for Apple’s 13 Pro series phones, so the button cutouts ensure smooth operation.



  • Case
  • Tempered glass
  • Cleaning kit
Manufacturer Baseus
Model ARSJ000702
Technology Injection molding
Material PC
Color Transparent
Fits iPhone 13 Pro