Mini phone stand Remax, RM-C51 (white)

Mini phone stand Remax, RM-C51 (white)

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Remax Mini Phone Stand, RM-C51 (white)

This portable phone stand will allow you to comfortably use your phone or tablet wherever you are. The product is small and well-balanced, so it will work great not only as a phone stand, but also for a tablet. It is designed for devices 4.5-11 inches in size. When folded, it takes up very little space and has a special handle, making it convenient to transport, so you will take it wherever you need it. The stand is distinguished by its minimalist and elegant design.


Comfortable positioning of your phone

Do you often watch videos on your phone? Or do you make video calls or broadcast online? The stand will allow you to position your device comfortably and free your hands, giving you full freedom during your favorite activities. Its design allows you to adjust the angle of positioning, as well as stably hold devices 4.5-11 inches in size, so you will freely use it not only for your phone, but also for your tablet.


Foldable design

Forget about impractical stands that are bulky and take up a lot of space. Remax RM-C51 is a gadget whose design has been carefully thought out. When unfolded, the stand stands out for its stability and adjustability, while when folded it takes up little space – in size and appearance it resembles a small powerbank. In addition, it has a handle that will allow you to conveniently carry the product from place to place.


Manufacturer Remax
Model RM-C51
Color White
Compatibility 4.5-11”