Magnetic Car Mount Remax. RM-C18 with inductive charger (black)

Magnetic Car Mount Remax. RM-C18 with inductive charger (black)

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Remax magnetic car mount. RM-C18 with 15W inductive charger (black)

A car holder is a gadget that should not be missing in any vehicle. The Remax RM-C18 combines the function of a holder and a magnetic charger with a total power of 15W. It is distinguished by its distinctive cyberpunk design, extraordinary magnetic strength and 360° adjustability of the phone’s position.


Practical gadget

Do you use navigation? Remax RM-C18 is a magnetic holder to which you just need to put your phone. The solid magnet will attract the device with great force and provide the required stability for the entire ride. Your phone is almost discharged? You don’t have to give up navigation! The holder also offers a magnetic charging function!


Wireless charging

If your phone supports the MagSafe function, this product is for you! The device is distinguished by its power of 15 watts and guarantees fast energy replenishment. It automatically adjusts the charging intensity to the connected equipment, ensuring its safety.


Interesting design

RM-C18 is not just an ordinary car mount, but also an interesting addition to your car. It features a creative, distinctive design that gives it a cyberpunk feel. The visible electronic components covered with tempered glass are sure to make a positive impression on you.


Manufacturer Remax
Model RM-C18
Color black
Material Aluminum alloy + tempered glass
Input voltage 5V/2A; 9V/2A; 12V/1.67A
Total output power 5W/7.5W/10W/15W
Transmission range ≤8mm
Weight 104 g