Holder, phone stand Remax, RM-C08 (black)

Holder, phone stand Remax, RM-C08 (black)

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Holder, phone stand Remax, RM-C08 (black)

Do you use your phone or tablet often? Try a stand that lets you not have to hold your device. The stand is great for video chatting, watching YouTube videos or streaming online. The design of the stand allows you to freely charge your device and quickly adjust the angle of positioning, as well as the height. The product was made of high-quality materials and provides the required stability.


Thoughtful design

The stand is distinguished by its robust design, so your phone will be completely safe in it. The silicone, non-slip finish ensures that the stand does not slide on the surface of your desk. You can insert a device of about 100 – 300 mm in size into the holder, and adjust its position 360°, as well as up and down. Free your hands and use your smartphone freely!


Manufacturer Remax
Model RM-C08
Color black
Compatibility Phones and tablets in size ~100 – 330 mm