Fast Charging Cable LDNIO LS822 Type-C, 30W

Fast Charging Cable LDNIO LS822 Type-C, 30W

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LDNIO LS822 type C fast charging cable, 30W

Your indispensable companion at home and when travelling will be the LDNIO LS822 cable, which has been designed for fast charging. It is also highly functional, thanks to its cable measuring 2 m.


Fast-charging USB cable

The LDNIO LS822 cable supports fast charging with a maximum power of 30 watts, so you can charge not only your phone but also your tablet with it. In addition, it is equipped with a USB Type C tip, so it will fit most of your home mobile devices.


Top quality

The LDNIO LS822 USB cable has been created from high-quality TPE material, so it stands out for its long service life and will not get tangled. It is also safe for the environment. Its cable measures 2 m in length, which will make it very functional for use.


Producer LDNIO
Model LS822
Plug USB-C
Material TPE
Length 2 m
Colour Green