Electric Car Mount Remax. RM-C05, USB-C,15W (black)

Electric Car Mount Remax. RM-C05, USB-C,15W (black)

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Remax electric car holder. RM-C05, USB-C, 15W (black)

A car holder is an accessory that should not be missing from your car! The RM-C05 from Remax is a practical electric holder with wireless charging function. It stands out for its sturdy design, 360° adjustable phone positioning and easy installation. It offers fast charging of 15 watts and automatically recognizes connected devices, ensuring their full safety.


Mount and go

You mount the holder in the air vents of your car and then easily place your phone in it. The mount’s arms are electric, so they automatically adjust to the dimensions of your phone, providing a solid, stable grip to keep your phone safe while you drive.


Not just a holder

You don’t have to give up navigation when your phone needs charging. The holder offers wireless charging. It’s equipped with a precision magnet that recognizes your devices and provides them with fast charging, automatically adjusting the power to them. This ensures that your equipment is fully safe. The maximum charging power is 15 watts. If your phone supports wireless charging – this product is for you!


Any position of the phone

Remax RM-C05 is easy and intuitive to use. Its installation is not challenging at all. The mount is mounted on a head that allows you to freely change the position of your phone in 360°. This means that with one movement you will put it in a vertical or horizontal position. The choice is yours!


Manufacturer Remax
Name Electric car holder Remax
Model RM-C05
Color black
Material ABS + PC
Weight 127 g
Application Phones with wireless charging support
Charging port USB-C
Compatibility Phones with dimensions 99 × 74 x 70 mm