Case ESR Classic Hybrid for iPhone 14 Plus, Magsafe (clear)

Case ESR Classic Hybrid for iPhone 14 Plus, Magsafe (clear)

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ESR Classic Hybrid Case for iPhone 14 Plus, Magsafe (transparent)

Keep your smartphone safe and secure. ESR’s case is dedicated to the iPhone 14 Plus and supports wireless charging. It works with MagSafe and HaloLock, and thanks to its smart design, it effectively protects your smartphone from damage.


Wireless charging

ESR’s sleeve is compatible with MagSafe wireless charging. The product is equipped with 1200g magnets, so you can enjoy convenient inductive charging without removing the case.


Thoughtful design

The product is tailored to fit the iPhone 14 Plus, and with its raised edges, it also protects the screen and camera lens. What’s more, it has passed drop tests, so you can be sure that your smartphone won’t be damaged. It is also resistant to yellowing, guaranteeing an aesthetically pleasing appearance for a long time.


Manufacturer ESR
Compatibility iPhone 14 Plus
Dimensions 165 x 84 x 13 mm
Weight 37 g
Color transparent