Car mount Remax. RM-C59, (black)

Car mount Remax. RM-C59, (black)

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Remax car holder, RM-C59 (black)

Remax RM-C59 is a car holder that will make any car trip even more comfortable. You will mount it on the dashboard with a sturdy suction cup. The mount’s arms are stable and keep your phone in place in all conditions. You can quickly adjust the device’s 360° positioning with one hand, so you won’t be distracted while driving.


Sturdy clasp

Whether you’re driving on the highway or taking side roads with potholes, the mount provides the stability you need. It’s designed for phones in the 4.7-6.81-inch size, so you’ll successfully use it with most available models. Just press the dedicated button to increase or decrease the size of the holder and get convenient access to your phone’s navigation.


Easy installation

You’ll mount the holder on your dashboard with a suction cup that doesn’t leave unsightly marks. It will stay in place until you want to take it off – just release the button. The mount can bear a heavy load, so you don’t have to worry about it detaching and damaging your phone. You can also quickly change the position of your device from vertical to horizontal – you’ll do it with one hand, so you won’t be distracted while driving.


Manufacturer Remax
Model RM-C59
Material ABS + PS
Compatible phones 53-98 mm
Color Black
Weight 45 g