Car charger USB-C, USB Remax RCC336, 52.5W (black) + cable 2in1

Car charger USB-C, USB Remax RCC336, 52.5W (black) + cable 2in1

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USB-C, USB car charger, REMAX RCC336, 52.5W (black) + 2-in-1 cable

Do you often travel by car? Do you want your equipment to always be ready for use? The REMAX car charger will be perfect for you! It will provide fast and safe charging of your devices. Now you get the assurance that your devices will always be ready for use!


Fast charging

The REMAX RCC336 car charger is the perfect solution for those looking for fast and stable charging of their mobile devices. It stands out with its 52.5W fast charging power. With its help, your equipment will regain full energy in no time! What’s more, it is equipped with two interfaces – USB and USB-C, as well as an additional cable, so it allows you to charge several devices at the same time.


Comfort of use

The REMAX RCC336 is a unique car charger that has a built-in voltage monitoring chip. What’s more, you can track in real time how it changes while charging your device. The charger’s design is very stable and robust, which guarantees uninterrupted charging in all conditions. The REMAX RCC336 is an excellent choice for those who need a fast and reliable way to charge their phone or tablet in the car.


Additional cable

For even more convenience, the REMAX RCC336 car charger is equipped with an additional 1.2 meter cable. This makes it easier to use your device, no matter where you are. In addition, this cable has two different ends, which allows you to charge different devices without the need for additional cables. In this way, the REMAX RCC336 provides even more versatility and convenience in use.


Producer Remax
Model RCC336
Color Black
Input 12-24V
USB+USB-C output 52,5W
Material Aluminum alloy
Charger dimensions 65.2 × 32.5 × 24.9 mm
Dimensions of 2in1 cable 1,2 m
Weight 67 g