Car charger Foneng C19 36W (silver)

Car charger Foneng C19 36W (silver)

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Foneng C19 36W car charger (silver)

With the Foneng C19 car charger you can renew the energy of 2 devices at the same time. The product is distinguished by its wide compatibility, so you can successfully use it in various types of vehicles. Moreover, it ensures the safety of use.


Fast and safe charging

The Foneng C19 car charger is equipped with 2 USB ports, allowing you to quickly renew the energy of several devices. In addition, it supports the QC3.0 fast charging protocol, so you don’t have to wait too long until your equipment is ready to charge again. The Foneng C19 also offers protection against overvoltage, overcharging, overcurrent and short circuit.


Manufacturer Foneng
Model C19
Color silver
Power 36 W
Material metal
Input voltage 12-24V
Output voltage 5V-3A,9V-2A,12V-1.5A/18W+18W
Weight 23.8g ±1g
Dimensions 62 x 25 x 25 mm