Cable USB Micro Remax Colorful Light, 2.4A, 1m (black)

Cable USB Micro Remax Colorful Light, 2.4A, 1m (black)

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Remax Colorful Light USB Micro Cable, 2.4A, 1m (black)

Enjoy complete charging and data transfer convenience with the Remax Colorful Light cable. With 2.4A, the cable allows you to charge your device quickly, while the 480 Mbps transmission speed allows fast and stable data transfer. The cable is made of durable TPE material, which provides reliable protection against mechanical damage. It also features a gentle backlighting that will make it easier for you to find the cable in the dark.


Fast charging and data transfer

You no longer have to worry about whether your device will be charged on time! The Remax Colorful Light cable not only provides fast charging thanks to its 2.4A amperage, but also fast data transfer at 480 Mbps. This means you don’t have to wait forever to transfer large files, now you can do it in a snap!


Manufacturer Remax
Model RC-152m
Color Black
Length 1 m
Current 2,4A
Transmission speed 480 Mbps
Material TPE
Interface USB-A / microUSB