Cable USB LDNIO LS64 micro, 2.4A, length: 2m

Cable USB LDNIO LS64 micro, 2.4A, length: 2m

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LDNIO LS64 micro USB cable, 2.4A, length: 2m

If you’re constantly running out of time to charge your devices, choose the LDNIO LS64 cable for quick charging. In addition, it will be very convenient to use, since its length is 2m.


A cable for your phone

Using the LDNIO LS64 cable, you will be able to charge your equipment even just before you go out, as its maximum current transmission is 5 A. This makes charging fast and hassle-free. In addition, you will use it for most of your devices, as it is equipped with a micro USB tip.


Convenient use

Using the LDNIO LS64 cable is even more comfortable thanks to its long cable, equal to 2 meters. It will not only allow you to quickly charge your equipment, but also to transfer data seamlessly.


Producer LDNIO
Model LS64
Plug Micro
Length 2 m
Color Grey