Cable USB LDNIO LS63 micro, length: 1m

Cable USB LDNIO LS63 micro, length: 1m

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LDNIO LS63 micro USB cable, length: 1m

Bet on a cable that will serve you brilliantly for many years. The LS63 is extremely durable, and its most vulnerable parts have been additionally protected. The product allows fast charging with an intensity of up to 2.4 A, which will save you time. With its help you can also transfer files in no time.


Exceptional durability

The LS63 cable will surprise you with its durability and resistance to wear and tear. Its durable sheath provides it with protection from damage, and its most sensitive parts have been additionally protected. The product’s connectors were created from high-grade zinc alloy, so they are very solid and will not get hot.


Impressive performance

A built-in smart chip is responsible for the reliable performance of the cable. The LS63 provides a current of up to 2.4 A, so it can renew the power of your device in a short time. In addition, the thickened copper core guarantees much higher charging efficiency than with ordinary cables.


Model LS63
Color Black
Type USB-A to micro USB
Charging intensity 2.4 A max.
Cable length 1 m