Cable USB-C Remax Chaining, RC-198a, 1m (white)

Cable USB-C Remax Chaining, RC-198a, 1m (white)

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Cable USB-C Remax Chaining , RC-198a, 1m (white)

Remax Chaining is a practical cable that offers up to 5 A and transmission speeds of up to 480 Mbps. It is made of TPE plastic, making it very durable and resistant to mechanical damage. Even frequent bending and twisting will not frighten it – it will serve you well for a long time! In addition, the cable’s length of 1 m allows you to use the devices you are charging comfortably.


Fast charging, fast file transfer

The cable provides fast charging with a maximum current of up to 5 A. So you can charge your devices in a very short time. No more prolonged waiting! What’s more, Remax Chaining will also come in handy for transferring files – it allows high-speed data transfer of up to 480 Mbps. So you can copy the photos, videos or documents you need in no time!


Brand Remax
Name Chaining
Model RC-198a
Colour White
Type USB-A to USB-C
Output current 5 V – 4.5 A / 4.5 V – 5 A / 5 A max.
Transmission speed Up to 480 Mbps
Material TPE
Cable length 1 m