Baseus Glitter iPhone 14 Plus Átlátszó tok és üvegfólia (kék)

Baseus Glitter iPhone 14 Plus Átlátszó tok és üvegfólia (kék)

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Protective set Baseus Glitter transparent case and tempered glass for iPhone 14 Plus

Baseus Glitter case will effectively protect your iPhone from drops and scratches! The stylish design of the case will give your smartphone a completely new character. It fits perfectly to the device and does not interfere with its use. You will easily keep it clean. The case also comes with a tempered glass.

Comprehensive protection for your device

You don’t have to worry that your iPhone 14 Plus will be damaged during an accidental fall or bump. The durable Baseus case provides reliable protection for your device. Reinforced edges will adequately protect it, and the metal frame with innovative Air Armor protection system effectively protects the lens.

Perfectly tailored to your phone

The carefully considered design of the case makes it a perfect fit for the iPhone 14 Plus. It doesn’t block access to the buttons or obscure the screen. It’s also extremely thin, making it virtually imperceptible when using the phone.

Unique design

The case is also distinguished by its stylish design. The case’s blue edges and transparent back will perfectly highlight the character of your phone! It is resistant to sweat and fingerprints, you will also easily keep it clean. The case is made of yellowing-resistant materials, so it does not change its color when exposed to light.


  • magnetic case
  • tempered glass
Model ARMC021403
Compatibility iPhone 14 Plus
Color Blue