Baseus Brilliance iPad 10 tok billentyűzettel, 10.9″ (szürke)

Baseus Brilliance iPad 10 tok billentyűzettel, 10.9″ (szürke)

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Keyboard case for iPad 10 Baseus Brilliance PRO 10.9″ (gray)

Create a comfortable set for work with a tablet and keyboard case from Baseus. The product quickly and efficiently connects to your device using Bluetooth 5.2, without causing interference. The case offers high-quality multifunction keys and a touchpad to enhance your work. The material of the case is skin-friendly and extremely resistant. In addition, it provides exceptional comfort and stability thanks to magnetic absorption.

Smooth typing

Thanks to the specially designed keyboard, you can enjoy hours of comfortable and smooth typing. Baseus Brilliance guarantees perfect key bounce with every press, allowing you to type faster and with precision. A full row of shortcut keys supports your favorite iOS, Android and Windows-specific activities. In addition, it features a small LED display that indicates the charge status or use of the Caps Lock key.

Even more capabilities

The keyboard has a built-in Touchpad, which will further facilitate your work on the tablet. Using various gestures, you can open a document, control panel, and zoom in, among other things. Now you can easily transform your tablet into a laptop!

Bet on convenience

The product is designed to give us maximum convenience. It features a lightweight and portable design. Built-in magnets ensure reliable stability of the device. It is also possible to adjust the angle of the tablet, so you can adjust the ideal angle to your preferences. Choose the Baseus Brilliance case and enjoy the convenience you desire!

Reliable connection

The advanced Bluetooth 5.2 chip ensures a fast and stable connection with no lag. Now you can turn your tablet off and on with the case. The case is equipped with a sleep mode, which automatically activates after 10 minutes of not using the equipment – in this mode it can last for up to 100 days. The technological solutions used significantly improve the comfort of work.

Manufacturer Baseus
Name Baseus Brilliance Original Keyboard Case Pro (with Digital Display)
Model ARJK020013
Color Gray
Material PU + PC + microfiber
Dimensions 254 x 200 x 21 mm
Weight approximately 680 g
Purpose iPad 10.9″
Standby mode approx. 100 days
Charging interface Type C
Bluetooth version 5.2