Rotary phone stand Dudao F15 (black)

Rotary phone stand Dudao F15 (black)

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Rotating phone stand

Create spectacular shots without limits. The rotating phone stand offers face and object tracking modes. You can use it in many ways – whether you’re broadcasting live on social media or holding an online conference. It rotates 360 degrees and allows you to adjust the tilt angle. The carefully considered design ensures stability.

Face and object tracking

The cradle is equipped with intelligent object tracking, which makes the camera automatically track a designated object. It also has a face recognition and tracking function, so the stand will follow your face even when you move.

Stable shots in all conditions

The stand’s base guarantees reliable stability and is resistant to any shocks. Set the stand on a flat surface, mount your phone on it and create stunning shots in almost any conditions. What’s more, the product allows you to take photos automatically – all you have to do is get acquainted!

Use it the way you want

The F15 rotates 360°, so you can make sure you’re always within its reach. You can also adjust its angle by 37° both up and down. Want to adjust it even further to suit your needs? Choose between landscape or portrait mode.

Many possible applications

The rotating stand will be perfect for a variety of situations. Among other things, you will use it when recording video for your social media – it is compatible with most popular social networks. It will also come in handy during video conferencing at work or live broadcasting. Your possibilities are endless!

Manufacturer Dudao
Model F15
Color Black
Bluetooth version 5.0
Dimensions 95 x 95 x 195 mm
Material ABS + silicone + metal