Remax Walking RP-W66 magnetic wireless charger, 15W

Remax Walking RP-W66 magnetic wireless charger, 15W

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Remax magnetic wireless charger Walking, 15W

Power of up to 15 watts, 16 strong magnets and spends charging – these are just some of the features of the Remax Walking magnetic wireless charger. Made of tempered glass and aluminum alloy, it features a cyberpunk style. In addition, it accurately detects foreign metal objects and constantly monitors the temperature level, ensuring safe energy renewal.


Fast and safe charging

Thanks to a coil made of pure copper, the charger can deliver a power output of as much as 15 watts, allowing it to quickly renew the energy of a compatible device. The 16 magnets provide plenty of pulling power. What’s more, the Remax Walking accurately detects foreign objects – when it detects keys, a flash drive or any other metal object, it will immediately stop renewing energy.


Thoughtful design

Remax Walking is distinguished not only by its high functionality, but also by its stylish design. Covered with transparent tempered glass, it looks exceptionally elegant and modern. The use of aluminum alloy helped ensure the charger’s durability and strength. The product is at the same time very thin and light – its thickness does not exceed 6.8 mm. Now you can conveniently charge your smartphone anywhere without having to remove the case.


Manufacturer Remax
Model RP-W66
Material aluminum alloy + tempered glass
Input voltage 5V-2A/9V-2A
Total output power 5W/7.5W/10W/15W
Charging range up to 8mm
Operating temperature 0° to 40
Dimensions ⌀58 x 6.8 mm
Weight 50.4 g