Remax Bosu RC-C063 cable USB-C to Lightning , 1,2m, 20W (black)

Remax Bosu RC-C063 cable USB-C to Lightning , 1,2m, 20W (black)

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Remax Bosu USB-C to Lightning cable, 1.2m, 20W (black)

Want to quickly renew the battery in your iPhone? Thanks to Remax it will be possible! The cable is distinguished by its high power output, so your phone will regain its full battery in no time. What’s more, with its long 1.2-meter cable it will be very comfortable to use.


Fast charging and data transmission

Forgot to charge your phone before an important outing? No worries! The Remax cable will restore your smartphone’s full battery in no time, as it stands out with its high power of 20 watts. What’s more, you can also use it to transfer data between devices.


Comfort of use

The Remax cable was created with comfort in mind, which is why its cable is as long as 1.2 meters. Thanks to this, you will be able to put away the equipment you are charging at your convenience. What’s more, it is made of the best quality materials, which makes it durable, resistant and pleasant to the touch.


Producer Remax
Model RC-C063
Color Black
Length 1,2 m
Cable type USB-C to Lightning
Output current 9 V 2.22 A
Functions Charging + data transmission
Transmission speed 480 Mbps
Power 20 W