Cable USB Micro Remax Kerolla, 2m (black)

Cable USB Micro Remax Kerolla, 2m (black)

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Remax Kerolla microUSB cable, 2m (black)

With the Remax Kerolla cable, you don’t have to waste time until your device is ready for use again! It was designed for fast charging and secure data transmission. High-quality material was used for its construction, so it will serve you well for a long time. It is compatible with all devices that have a microUSB port.


Fast charging of your device

Now renew the energy of your device in no time! The Remax Kerolla cable allows you to quickly charge your device. Thanks to the latest technology, the cable allows you to charge at 2.4A. Thus, in a few moments your smartphone or tablet will be fully charged and ready for use again!


Seamless data transmission

The Remax cable allows not only fast charging, but also fast data transmission. It offers file transfer speeds of up to 480 Mbps. This means you can conveniently transfer your files between devices in just minutes.


Manufacturer Remax
Model RC-094m
Color Black
Length 2 m
Material TPE
Intensity 2.4A
Transfer speed 480 Mbps