Cable USB do USB-C Baseus CoolPlay 100W 1m (blue)

Cable USB do USB-C Baseus CoolPlay 100W 1m (blue)

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Baseus CoolPlay 100W USB to USB-C cable 1m (blue)

Charge your devices and transfer files at an express pace! The Baseus cable offers 100 watts of power, providing fast power replenishment for laptops, phones, tablets and other devices. Thanks to its robust construction, it is extremely durable and resistant to bending, and the use of a smart chip allowed for maximum protection of the devices connected to the cable. USB and USB-C connectors guarantee wide compatibility. Find out how easy it is to save your precious time!


Safety is the basis

You don’t have to worry about your devices! The cable uses an e-marker – a smart chip responsible for recognizing the type of connected devices. Such a solution allows you to adjust the charging current, ensuring complete safety of the batteries, protecting them from overheating, among other things. The maximum charging power is as much as 100 watts, which means that the cable is suitable for both smaller electronics and larger devices, such as laptops or consoles.


Don’t waste time waiting

The thickened copper core ensures fast and, above all, stable charging. Now you can fully charge your Huawei Mate 40 pro in less than an hour! What’s more, the cable allows you to transfer data at 480 Mbps, which means you’ll be ripping your vacation photos or favorite movies to an external drive in no time. You no longer have to wait indefinitely for your devices to be ready for use again!


Robust construction

The cable is distinguished by extreme durability. High-quality materials were used in its construction, which ensures not only stable charging, but also exceptional resistance to wear and tear. The reinforced metal connectors are even more durable than traditional ones, and the flexible, thickened cable is able to withstand any bending, twisting, etc. What’s more, the cable is pleasant to the touch, so using it will be even more comfortable for you! The universal length of 1 meter will be great for home, office and even travel!


Manufacturer Baseus
Manufacturer code CAKW000603
Material Zinc alloy + TPE
Total power 100 W
Transmission speed 480 Mbps
Input USB
Output USB-C
Color Blue
Length 1 m
Weight 89 g