Cable USB-C USB-C Remax Explore, RC-C062, 1,2m, 100W, (black)

Cable USB-C USB-C Remax Explore, RC-C062, 1,2m, 100W, (black)

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Remax Explore USB-C to USB-C cable, RC-C062, 1.2m, 100W, (black)

Are you looking for a cable that not only charges your gear quickly, but also properly highlights your individuality? The Remax USB cable will do the job perfectly! Thanks to its modern design and 20W power, it will meet the expectations of even the most demanding users.


Fast charging and data transmission

Remax USB cable is distinguished by its high power, reaching up to 100 W, so it will be able to charge your equipment very quickly. Forgot to charge your phone before going out? Don’t worry! In just about 10 minutes you can get rid of a weak battery. What’s more, this cable also offers data transfer of up to 480 Mbps, which means you can download 1G of data in 24 seconds.


Thoughtful design

The Remax cable combines convenience of use with excellent protection, so it is equipped with a special chip that automatically detects the device. What’s more, it also controls the temperature. This ensures fast and safe charging, and you can be sure that it is harmless to your devices. What sets the Remax cable apart is its thoughtful design. It is equipped with a transparent casing, which makes it innovative and futuristic. Moreover, thanks to it you will be able to see all the components of its construction.


Producer Remax
Model RC-C062
Color Black
Cable type USB-C to USB-C
Length 1,2 m
Power 100 W
Output current 5 A
Data transfer 480 Mbps
Functions charging + data transfer