Cable USB-C-lightning Remax Zisee, RC-C031, 20W (grey)

Cable USB-C-lightning Remax Zisee, RC-C031, 20W (grey)

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Remax Zisee USB-C-lightning cable, RC-C031, 20W (grey)

The Remax Zisee RC-C031 USB-C to Lightning cable allows you to quickly charge your device and transfer files, while the use of robust materials translates into a durable product. The cable is shatterproof and pleasant to the touch. In addition, the LED display will inform you of the status of the RC-C031.


Charge your device and transfer files

With the cable, you can renew your device’s energy in no time. The product supports the PD 20 W fast charging protocol, so it will charge your smartphone to 60% in around 30 min. What’s more, it allows you to transfer files at 480 Mbps simultaneously.


Manufacturer Remax
Model RC-C031
Colour grey
Length 1,2 m
Power 20 W
Output voltage 9V/2.2A
Interface USB-C to Lightning
Material TPE, aluminium
Transmission speed 480 Mbps
Weight 49 g