Cable USB-C do Lightning Remax Marlik, 2m, 20W (white)

Cable USB-C do Lightning Remax Marlik, 2m, 20W (white)

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Remax Marlik USB-C to Lightning cable, 2m, 20W (white)

The Remax Marlik is a high-quality USB-C to Lightning cable designed for fast charging and data transfer. It has been made of TPE plastic, which ensures durability and resistance to mechanical damage such as abrasion or breakage. It has a length of 2 m, which allows you to conveniently connect your devices without restricting your movement too much.


Fast charging and safety

The Remax Marlik is an excellent choice for people who need a reliable and efficient cable for charging their devices. It supports fast PD charging with up to 20 W of power and has a built-in smart chip to ensure the safety of connected equipment. An added bonus of the product is its data transfer speed of up to 480 Mbps. So you can transfer files quickly between devices and save time!


Brand Remax
Name Remax Marlik
Model RC-183i
Colour White
Type USB-C to Lightning
Power 20 W max.
Transmission speed Up to 480 Mbps
Material TPE
Length 2 m