Bracket Set TELESIN Dome Port Diving

Bracket Set TELESIN Dome Port Diving

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Telesin Dome Port underwater housing for GoPro Hero 11 / 10 / 9

Create breathtaking underwater shots! Telesin housing with a special dome will allow you to take clear photos and videos up to 30 meters underwater. It provides a wide field of view and transmits light at 93%. It is also compatible with many cameras, including GoPro, DJI and Insta360.


Capture the underwater world

Preserve special moments underwater for longer. German acrylic glass was used for the dome of the housing, which perfectly protects the device from damage. It also allows you to create clear and clean shots, and the 180° field of view will allow you to capture even more. The distance between the camera’s lens and the top of the dome is 70mm, which provides the perfect distance for shooting. You’ll also find a special film included to prevent fogging.


High quality workmanship

The product is designed to provide maximum comfort in use. The case is distinguished by an extremely lightweight design – it weighs just 535, so you don’t have to worry about feeling tired or uncomfortable while diving. Carefully thought-out design with practical handles on the sides guarantees dreamlike stability. What’s more, high-quality PC material was used for its construction, which is characterized by exceptional durability.


Wide compatibility

You don’t have to worry about compatibility problems. The Telesin case is compatible with a wide range of popular cameras. It works with the GoPro Hero 11 / 10 / 9, as well as with Insta360 or DJI sports cameras, among others. In addition, the mount is equipped with a universal 1/4 thread and a cold shoe mount, so you can successfully attach additional accessories to it, including underwater lights.



  • mount
  • Dome Port
  • adapter with standard GoPro mount
  • anti-fog film
  • mounting key
  • mounting screw
  • wrist lanyard
  • cleaning cloth
Manufacturer Telesin
Model GP-DMP-T10
Name Diving Rig Stabilizer Set For Hero Dome Port
Material PC
Dimensions 322 x 204 x 40 mm
Weight approximately 535 g
Color Black
Waterproof 30 m