Baseus Huawei MatePad 11 10.95″ Crystal Üvegfólia, 0.3mm

Baseus Huawei MatePad 11 10.95″ Crystal Üvegfólia, 0.3mm

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Baseus Crystal 0.3mm tempered glass for Huawei MatePad 11 10.95″ tablet.

Looking for reliable protection for your Huawei tablet? Baseus tempered glass can provide it for you! It stands out with its 9 H thickness and easy installation. What’s more, you no longer need to worry about your screen, as the glass shows high resistance to impact, scratches and wear. From today you can safely use your equipment!


Safety guarantee

Baseus tempered glass will provide you with reliable protection for your Huawei tablet, as it shows a hardness of 9 H. In addition, it is resistant to impacts, scratches and wear and tear. You also don’t have to worry about dirty fingerprints left on the screen, as the AF coating will ensure a clean surface for a long time.


Thoughtful design

Baseus Crystal was created to protect your tablet, so its design has been carefully thought out. You don’t have to worry about malfunctioning of your equipment, as the glass will allow you seamless touch operation and a flawless HD image. What’s more, it is also very easy to install and will not increase the size of your tablet – its thickness is only 0.3 mm.


Eye protection

Baseus tempered glass will not only take care of your tablet’s screen, but also your eyes. It will protect your eyesight from harmful blue light. It will make you use your equipment for a long time without tiring your eyes.


Manufacturer. Baseus
Model SGJC120502
Processing type CNC
Thickness 0.3 mm
Compatibility Huawei MatePad 11 10.95″