Baseus Camera Lens Film for iPhone 13/13 Mini

Baseus Camera Lens Film for iPhone 13/13 Mini

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Baseus tempered glass for iPhone 13/13 mini camera

Protect your camera lens and be sure it’s safe! The tempered glass for the camera created specifically for the iPhone 13/13 mini is distinguished by its high hardness, and at the same time it feels as if it is not there, so that it does not disturb the colors and does not distort the photos. Putting on the glass will not cause you any problem.


Created with the iPhone 13/13 mini in mind

The glasses were created specifically for iPhone 13/13 mini series cameras, so you get a separate protection for each lens. The product adheres perfectly to each lens, providing precise protection. You don’t have to worry about the glass interfering with the use of your phone – it will work well with most available cases.


Protection without distortion

Baseus tempered glasses are distinguished by their high hardness and high level of protection. Thanks to them, you can say goodbye to scratches on your camera and carry your phone in your purse, backpack or pocket without worry. What’s more, the structure of the glass protects the camera in case of a fall. An additional oleophobic coating prevents greasy fingerprints and stains on the lens, so that just the right amount of light always enters the lens. Despite its properties, the lens is thin and transparent enough not to interfere with the camera in any way.


Manufacturer Baseus
Model SGZT030202
Material Tempered glass
Processing Die-cutting
Color Transparent
Thickness 0.33 mm
Compatibility iPhone 13/13 mini